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“Grandeur designs are the mark of minimal and elegant creations that provide a soothing effect to every person’s eye.”

– Disha Parmar

Hazel Dazzle Design Is An Interior Design Firm Based In Indore By Disha Parmar, Co-Founder And Principal Designer Of The Firm.

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Hazel Dazzle Design is an interior design firm based in Indore by Disha Parmar, co-founder and principal designer of the firm. Upon qualified with a Master’s degree in Interior Design, Disha started her passionate and creative journey with the applied architect and interior designer in Indore. In 2017, she found herself starting with independent practice in Interior Design by providing consultation services from the firm named ‘Disha Designs’ providing home interiors and interior styling. She initially worked as a home designer, gradually with better experience and value addition to various styles, then she upgraded Disha Designs to Hazel Dazzle designs, an interior design firm based in Indore established in 2020. From the beginning stages of the design process to interior styling, she can imagine the endpoint and above it, she communicates every detail at ease with her clients. As a designer, she brings in a different variety of materials, colors, and accent texture to create elegance and minimalist interior design to the table of various lifestyles.

Our Story

Hazel Dazzle began with a ‘Prime bungalow’ to mid-century modern design space that connects to the client’s personality and lifestyle. That is the mixture of contemporary and minimal design aesthetics resulted in a beautiful design. We love to design unique and special for our clients, seeking from their dreamy minds to desirable spaces in reality. Creating minimal and spacious effects, we turn out fabulous spaces into modern contemporary yet comfortable living.

Vision & Mission

Our ultimate goal is to deliver inspirational and pleasant spaces providing a luxury look. While maintaining the client’s personality and lifestyle, we ensure to accomplish the design principles to balance every aspect modeled. Allowing a mixture of contemporary, modern, and minimal design, we hope to transform spaces through different materials, shapes, forms, and colors that enlighten your grandeur dreams.

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