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Living Room

A room designed to gather yourself with family and friends with a motive to entertain, read and talk. It is the place to keep the enlightened with good and happy vibes. The living room defines the client’s personality and lifestyle when they use creative elements and dramatic character to describe the room by specifying different corners for each space.

The living room consists of a comfortable and relaxed (suitably shaped/designed) sofa which gives relaxation and coziness after sitting. We create sofa furniture with beautiful design and comfortable seating that is suitable in the theme-based living room. It is the place to keep the enlightened with good and happy energy.


Bedrooms are the private space of members of the residential home, where they live with personal talks and entertainment other than just sleep or relax. We try to create luxury bedroom designs as per our client’s requirements. A majorly designed space for any residential area is the bedroom.


Significantly, bathrooms are designed for a more comfortable and luxury bathroom experience. They also need to be technically perfect, whether it is plumbing work or bathroom tile work. A theme-based bathroom is making a big difference in the interior world. An attached bathroom in the bedroom with the integration of a box room(Changing room) gives a great living experience. Here are some of our projects that have changed the bathing experience


The most crowded place in the home is the kitchen. It is the busiest place in the house and needs proper care. By storing necessities, utensils, and food we make sure that the space is well-constructed. With the proximity of lower and upper cabinets to modular kitchen appliances for organized kitchen appliances, we use some of the best solutions adopted worldwide.

Small Scale Commercial Spaces

Regardless of all the spaces and services, we provide these types of the area that we love to design in commercial spaces which are said to be small-scale commercial interior design. It includes cafes, coffee shop, tea boutique, offices, office cabins, work from home desk its suitable working area, co-working spaces, meditation room, an expert yoga room for classes, a library with homely comfort, and many more discoverable spaces.